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Agri-Science Fair

Students use the scientific process as they reinforce skills and principles they have learned in agriscience courses.  They conduct research projects and prepare a scientific report and display for judging.  There are several opportunities to present at several competitions. Please download the informational page for more information on competitions and entry dates. 

Competition is divided into five categories

Animal Systems (AS)
The study of animal systems, including life processes, health, nutrition, genetics, management and processing, 
through the study of small animals, aquaculture, livestock, dairy, horses and/or poultry. 

Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems (ENR)
The study of systems, instruments and technology used in waste management; the study of the management of 
soil, water, wildlife, forests and air as natural resources and their influence on the environment. 

Food Products and Processing Systems (FPP)
The study of product development, quality assurance, food safety, production, sales and service, regulation
and compliance and food service within the food science industry. 

Plant Systems (PS)
The study of plant life cycles, classifications, functions, structures, reproduction, media and nutrients, as well 
as growth and cultural practices, through the study of crops, turf grass, trees and shrubs and/or ornamental 

Power, Structural and Technical Systems (PST)
The study of agricultural equipment, power systems, alternative fuel sources and precision technology, as well 
as woodworking, metalworking, welding and project planning for agricultural structures. 

Social Systems (SS)
The study of human behavior and the interaction of individuals in and to society, including agricultural 
education, agribusiness economic, agricultural communication, agricultural leadership and other social science 
applications in agriculture, food and natural resources. 



For more information about participating in the FFA Agri-Science Fair, contact Miss Knox


National FFA Agri-Science fair handbook Michelle Vasbinder 8/6/2014 1083 KB
Texas FFA Rule Changes Michelle Vasbinder 8/6/2014 44 KB



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